Wines in Alicante

AMAIA FLOR, Grenache Tintorera (Grenache)

Our most beloved wine, with which we hit the market more than 7 years ago. Today a wine with so much personality that it is capable of overwhelming all the senses and captivating any palate.

The maturation is done with 9 months in French oak barrels and 3 months of aging in the bottle where it continues improving. It is like the Garnacha Tintorera itself, with an intense purple colour.

Alcohol content of 14%. It is a catchy wine, pure fruit with soft tannins: pure enjoyment!

It is recommended to decant half an hour before consumption. It can contain precipitation due to this variety of grape and its artisan elaboration. Serve between 14º and 18º.


Our Amaia Flor pairs perfectly with grilled meats, grilled vegetables or spicy dishes.

Contains sulphites.



DIABLURAS DE TONY . Monastrell (Mourvedre)

It is the grape that can hardly be found outside our region. The wait after the first vintages has been worth it. A fleshy wine where floral touches predominate, black pepper and with some wood, of course, due to its 4 months of ageing in French oak barrels and another 2 months of aging in our cellars to soften the tannins and arrive at a surprising wine.

Our Diabluras de Tony is a very versatile Monastrell , to pair with meats such as lamb , rabbit or pork and saussages. Also for more vegetarian dishes such as lentils, rice, mushrooms… or even with cheese. Its alcoholic graduation is 14%. Contains sulphites. An insane Monastrell that does not leave even the devil indifferent.




The spark in the mouth and the smoothness on the palate, our main objective, with the freshness and youth of this Macabeo grape.

Floral and fruity sensations in a balanced wine with 3 months of ageing on its lees, which implies that our Amaia Freshness matures with its own yeasts that remaining after the natural fermentation of the wine. It is a more artisan production process that requires more time, but by having a slower evolution, we achieve a higher quality product.

This more elaborate aging process has its reward as we also avoid deposits, improve the characteristics of the wine and it is an ecological product. The lees make our Macabeo preserve its characteristics naturally, it does not therefore require the use of sulphites, that is, it is an organic wine.

It also has an alcohol content of only 11%, resulting light but with personality.


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